X marks the spot - Musk abolishes Twitter logo, name next

"X is here! Let's do this," tweeted Yaccarino, who also posted a picture of the logo projected on the company's offices in San Francisco.

Both Yaccarino's and Musk's Twitter handles feature the X logo, although the Twitter blue bird is still visible across the platform.

"#GoodbyeTwitter" was trending on the platform with reference to the old logo as several users criticised the new one.

Twitter loses nearly half advertising revenue since Elon Musk takeover

He said the company had not seen the increase in receipts that had been expected in June, but added that July was a "bit more promising."

Mr Musk sacked about half of Twitter's 7,500 staff when he took over in 2022 in a effort to cut costs.

Rival app Threads now has 150 million users, according to some estimates.

Its in-built connection to Instagram automatically gives the Meta-designed platform access to a potential two billion users.

Confusion at Twitter continues over Elon Musk's tweet limits

The billionaire announced the "temporary measure" to address extreme levels of data scraping on the site.

Initial limits were quickly increased by Mr Musk at the weekend.

While many users reported no longer seeing limits on Sunday, some said a "rate limit exceeded" notification had returned on Monday.

Mr Musk - who took over Twitter in October 2022 had said previously that he was not happy about artificial intelligence (AI) firms using Twitter's data to train their large language models.

Twitter sued by music publishers for $250m

The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) is seeking more than $250m (£197.7m) in damages.

In a lawsuit filed at the Federal District Court in Nashville, the NMPA claimed Twitter "permits and encourages infringement" for profit.

It says the situation has not improved since Elon Musk bought the company.

Twitter launches encrypted private messages, says Elon Musk

Direct messages sent on Twitter will be end-to-end encrypted - this means private messages can only be read by the sender and the recipient.

Chief executive Elon Musk said it meant he could not see users' messages "even if there was a gun to my head".

But he warned that this is an early version, and people should "try it, but don't trust it yet".

The feature is not yet open to everyone, and can only be used by people who pay for Twitter Blue or are affiliated to a verified Twitter account.

Twitter plans to remove and archive inactive accounts

Mr Musk, who took over the social-media platform in October, said it was "important to free up abandoned handles".

The move has been criticised online, as people feared losing access to accounts of relatives who had died.

But Mr Musk hinted this may be avoided, as old accounts would be archived rather than deleted.

One person asked about accounts of celebrities prominent on Twitter before they died, including chef Anthony Bourdain.

Another mentioned tweets that may hold historical value, such as those from victims of tragedies.

Twitter gives fake Disney account verified status

The account, called @DisneyJuniorUK, was tweeting vile content, but managed to be verified with a gold tick before being suspended.

The owner alerted his followers by saying "this isn't actually real right. someone pinch me or something" - and the tweet has since gone viral.

It comes as confusion continues at how Twitter's updated verification system is working.

Twitter has been approached for comment.

Meanwhile, the "real" Disney Junior account has also been given a gold badge.

Musk says Twitter is roughly breaking even, has 1500 employees

Musk, in an interview with BBC broadcast live on Twitter Spaces, said Twitter had about 1500 employees now, a sharp decline from "just under 8000 staff members" it had before he took it over in October.

Reuters reports Twitter has been marked by chaos and uncertainty since the US$44 billion ($71bn) acquisition by Musk, as its layoffs have also included many engineers responsible for fixing and preventing service outages, sources told Reuters.

Twitter boss announces blue tick shake-up

From 15 April only verified subscribers will have posts recommended to other users and be allowed to vote in polls.

Under the policy, posts from non-paying accounts will not be included in the "For you" stream of recommended tweets.

Last week, the firm said it would remove the verified status of some "legacy" accounts, which date from before Mr Musk bought the firm.

Users currently pay $7 (£5.70) a month for blue-tick verification, which also allows access to additional features.

Twitter sued over antisemitic posts left online

The posts were published after billionaire Elon Musk bought the platform in October 2022.

But his tweets, which now represent most of the company's communications output, have not mentioned the case.

Antisemitism and Holocaust denial are illegal in Germany.

They also violate Twitter's own terms and conditions.

BBC News has contacted the company for comment.

"Twitter has betrayed our trust," said Avital Grinberg, the president of the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS), which has brought the civil action, alongside HateAid.