Transform Aqorau

Former PNA CEO gets UN posting

Mr Aqorau, who until Friday had been a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra for two three-month periods, said the appointment will be effective with the beginning of 2020.

He was CEO of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement, the nine-island tuna cartel, from 2010 to 2016.

During this time, PNA implemented a tuna management programme known as the "Vessel Day Scheme" that reshaped the purse seine industry, generating a huge increase in revenue to participating islands.

Transform Aqorau bows out of Pacific tuna body

Speaking at the 11th annual PNA Ministerial meeting in Kiribati, Dr Aqorau told the ministers he was greatly honoured to have served as CEo of the PNA, and immensely proud of the achievements attained since the establishment of the PNA Office.

RNZ reports Aqorau says the PNA is now a global brand, known internationally and respected throughout the tuna industry.

NZ has a lot to learn about Pacific Tuna: PNA

Dr Aqorau was responding to a New Zealand-led push at the Pacific Islands Forum to help shift the region away from daily catches via the Vessel Day Scheme.

The scheme has brought rising incomes to PNA countries but New Zealand says advances in technology and bigger fishing boats are resulting in larger catches which could render the scheme unsustainable.

Dr Aqorau says the only areas in which unsustainable catches are occurring are those outside the control of its Vessel Day Scheme.