60 primary school students in Nauru complete computer course

The students learned key board skills covering typing and placing their fingers correctly on the keyboard to type smoothly.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports they also learned about the four main parts of the computer; how to switch on the computer and how to shut it down, how to save their files, how to open window applications and going on the internet including learning to use the mouse.

The students were very eager to learn about computing and at the beginning were using two fingers to type.

Naoero Public Health conducts health screenings in schools

The screenings will help the public health team know the health status of children.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the school visits commenced in December 2020 in the infant schools.

It resumed on Monday with a visit to Yaren Primary school and Nauru Primary School yesterday (Thursday).

The visits will continue for a month and will cover all the remaining schools.

French high school student arrested after shooting principal, two others, police say

The armed 17-year-old was arrested after the shooting, which happened at the Alexis de Tocqueville school in the town of Grasse, about 40 kilometres from the southern city of Nice.

Goroka campus on lock down as student factions riot

Reliable sources at the University of Goroka campus told Loop PNG that the fight broke among the faction of Chimbu/Goroka students and the Western Highlands/Enga students.

The source who wanted to remain unanimous because of safety reasons said the disagreement between the students started on Saturday where students attending their inservice training agreed to resume classes today but this did not go down well with other students.

Currently, the main gate at the campus is closed as people are gathering at the gates.