South Ossetia

Nauru attends South Ossetia independence events

It sent a member of parliament, Gabrissa Hartman, to the capital Tskhinvali for the occasion which according to local television was attended by delegates from more than 15 countries, including Italy.

No senior foreign leaders were at the celebrations.

Nauru is only one of five countries recognising South Ossetia's independence, the others being Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Syria.

Because of its ties with Georgia's two break-away republics, Nauru is no longer eligible for financial support from the US government.

Nauru advocates for South Ossetia at UN

In comments reported by South Ossetia's government information service, President Anatoly Bibilov said because an active foreign policy was his administration's priority, Nauru's support was worth a lot.

Nauru is the only Pacific country to recognise South Ossetia as an independent country while Georgia considers it as territory occupied by Russian troops.

As a consequence of Nauru's stance, it was no longer eligible for any US government financial help.

Nauru and South Ossetia drop visa requirements

The Russian news agency RIA said the deal was signed during the recent visit of South Ossetia's foreign minister to Nauru which marked its 50th anniversary of independence.

Nauru has the region's tightest visa policy and apart from several South Pacific countries, it only allows visa-free access to citizens from four countries - Israel, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

In addition, it charges $US6000 as a non-refundable fee for visa applications if they are filed by journalists.

New Zealander to represent South Ossetia in Nauru

South Ossetia's government information service said Taimuraz Bitiev was chosen by President Anatoly Bibilov as part of moves to extend international ties.

The president said he has instructed his officials to ask Nauru's foreign ministry to accredit Mr Bitiev.

South Ossetia's foreign minister Dmitry Medoev and his delegation are due in Nauru today ahead of next Wednesday's celebrations marking Nauru's 50th anniversary of independence.

Nauru associate poised to change name

Georgia's South Ossetia has held a referendum and a majority has voted in favour of changing its name to Alania.

RNZ reports Nauru is the only Pacific country to recognise the region as an independent country.

Tuvalu recognised South Ossetia in 2011 but three years later rescinded the move when an agreement was reached with Georgia to set up diplomatic relations.

Last month, Russia signed a deal with South Ossetia agreeing to integrate their military forces.