LG's G5 might pack a killer Sony camera

Reports suggest that the Android handset is upping its camera game with the inclusion of a Sony-made 20-megapixel sensor on the rear.

It also promises to be a powerful beast, with a Snapdragon 820 processor running the show, according to Mihai Matei of G for Games.

File this one under rumour for now, but Matei's sources have proven accurate in the past, bringing us solid information about Apple's hardware plans.

Previous reports suggest that the LG G5 will embrace recent developments in biometric security with the inclusion of iris-scanning technology.

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact Premium is a Japan-only variant with 1080p display

All three handsets offer several key improvements over the Z3 and Z4 series, and their arrival is easy the biggest news of IFA 2015. However, what you might not know is that Sony actually has a fourth Xperia Z5 family member on the way, at least according to the China-based tech site

Sony Xperia Z5 confirms camera upgrade

Purported images of the Xperia Z5 posted on XperiaBlog appear to indicate that the handset will closely resemble its predecessors, but ship with an upgraded 23-megapixel snapper on the rear.

Bolstered camera technology is believed to be Sony's core area of focus this time around, with the firm recently teasing that its next flagship will be outfitted with a fast hybrid auto-focus system.

Recent reports suggest that the Xperia Z5 will launch in three variants, including the downsized Compact edition and the larger, 4K display-touting Premium model.