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Help! Talking to kids about sex

So she decided to have an age-appropriate conversation about menstruation with him right then and there.

She has taken an open approach ever since with her son, now 10, when it comes to talking about sex.

'Why compulsory sex education is important to faith schools and LGBTQ pupils'

Campaigners are celebrating the ruling, saying giving more children access to sex and relationship information from an early age will be beneficial.

It means faith schools, where sex education has previously been limited, will now teach pupils about sex.

However, parents will still be able to opt children out of these classes.

The ruling is "really important" as it will equip young people with essential information on sex and relationships, Laura Hannah, the education and training manager for leading UK sexual health charity Brook, says.

Children's sex book causes stir in Indonesia

A photo of the book - I Learn to Control Myself, written by Fita Chakra - has spread across social media since Monday, sparking a discussion online about sexual education and igniting parents' anger.

"Moms, please be careful when you buy a book for your kids. Check and re-check its content," wrote one user on Facebook.

Another said: "If this book is about sex education, why is the description about it so detailed?"


'Targeted at parents'

China's lack of sex education is putting millions of young people at risk

That was the limit of her formal sex education. For millions of young Chinese people, it's more than they ever got.

As China marks World AIDS Day Thursday, the effects of that missing knowledge is more evident than ever, with growing numbers of HIV infections and staggeringly high abortion rates.

No protection

In 2015, there were 115,000 new HIV infections in China, according to China's National Center for STD/AIDS Prevention and Control. Of those, 17,000, or 14.7%, were in the 15-24 age group.

NZ MPs want Pacific focus on sex education

RNZI reports New Zealand's Parliamentarians' Group on Population and Development made the call on World Population Day yesterday, which has the theme 'Investing in Teenage Girls.'

The chair of the cross party body, National MP Barbara Kuriger, said parts of the Pacific have some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in the world.