Sea level

Nauru and its investment program should serve as cautionary tale for the Philippines

With a land area of only 8.1 square miles, it is the smallest country in the world after Vatican City and Monaco.

Its population of about 10,000 makes it the world’s smallest republic, as well as the smallest island nation. It has no rivers or streams and virtually all of its water, food, and manufactured goods have to be imported. There are no harbors or protected anchorages, and no sizable arable land fit for farming. Nauru has no official capital.

Supermoon tides spare Marshall Islands

RNZ's correspondent Giff Johnson said there has been some debris thrown up from the sea onto roads in the low lying atolls this week but no more than usual.

He said people are likely to be more concerned and on alert next month as king tides traditionally peak and are more common in January and February.

Mr Johnson said the Marshall Islands are relatively unaffected for now.