Prince Charles

Prince Charles pays tribute to thousands of New Zealanders killed in World War I

About half of the 15,000 New Zealand forces who fought in the battle, one of history's bloodiest, were killed or wounded. Most have no known grave, and their names are inscribed on a memorial in the French town of Longueval.

“My hope is that today we can rededicate ourselves to a future free of intolerance and conflict. We do this in honor of the memory of those who fought and died here, so long ago," the Prince of Wales said in a speech at the Caterpillar Valley Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Longueval.

“We shall remember them.” 

“Ginger extremist’ Mark Colborne who plotted to kill Prince Charles detained

Mark Colborne was convicted of planning terrorism in September.

He bought the ingredients for deadly poison cyanide over the internet and stockpiled dust masks, metal filter funnels, plastic syringes and latex gloves.

Prince Charles reunited with nursery nanny in Nelson

 More than 17,000 kilometers and 60 years on from where it all began, Prince Charles was reunited with the woman who cared for him as a baby at Clarendon House.

Jacqui Botting, 92, lives in a care home opposite a Nelson research centre the Prince was visiting as part of his New Zealand tour, and had been sitting under a nearby tree in the hope of seeing him.

New Zealand-born Botting looked after Prince Charles and his sister Princess Anne in the early 1950’s, before she returned to marry.