PNG Police

PNG police charge man for social media post threatening PM

Police said 27-year-old Dominic Aku Jason from Eastern Highlands province was arrested yesterday and was in custody in Port Moresby

Police began investigating the man after he appeared to make a threat on social media, prompting a complaint by the prime minister himself.

The post reportedly stated 'PMJM You Need to Step Down Asap Before a Bullet Penetrate Your Head'.

Police Commissioner David Manning said the charge was very serious and must not be treated lightly given that it was a threat to kill a Prime Minister of a sovereign country.

PNG police say Manus action peaceful - refugees disagree


They were there to try and remove the about 400 refugees who have refused to move to new camps at nearly Lorengau.

The police, soldiers and immigration officials entered the site early today and Mr Baki said it was a peaceful exercise with 50 inmates leaving.

He said police are doing the best they can for the refugees but they remain stubborn and defiant and are putting huge pressure on the island's community and its police resources.