Pacific Mini Games

Small Tahiti delegation expected at Mini Games

The French Polynesian government has reiterated it will go ahead with a boycott of the Mini Games, following a disagreement over who should represent the territory in boxing.

The CEO of Pacific Games Council Andrew Minogue said their position remained the same: in the absence of an elected Olympic Committee in Tahiti, sporting federations that want to attend the Games are welcome, provided they are recognised by their respective international federations.

Van2017 Pacific Mini Games promotes women in sports

On Saturday 4 November 2017, a sport schedule was put in place with the assistance of Football Technical Delegate, Michael Song, to come up with a final draft.

In the Men’s entries, there are 6 Teams from Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu; and for the women’s entries, there are 4 Teams coming from Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.

According to Van2017 Sports Department, women’s soccer will be happening at the Port Vila Stadium and at Korman stadium, from the December 2 to December 14, 2017.

Pacific Games Council rejects Tahiti snub

The withdrawal, announced by the director of French Polynesia's youth and sport service Anthony Pheu, follows a disagreement over who should represent Tahiti's boxers in Port Vila in December.

In August, a court order annulled the elections of the officers of the Pacific Games Association of Tahiti.

The President of the Games Council, Vidhya Lakhan, said all entries for the Mini Games need to be submitted under the signature of the President or Secretary General of a member country's Pacific Games Association.

190 women ready to provide ‘Nambawan Klining’ for upcoming Mini games

Last week 19 women’s group representatives put pen on the paper to confirm their commitment to the Pacific Mini Games workforce services.

“Without you, our villages will not be clean; we need you to make sure that our athletes feel at home,” said VanCEO Clint Flood, in his remarks to all local contractors.

Van2017 signed venues use agreement with MOET

“Surveys show from any athlete in all games, the number one thing to rank is “village”, because it is their island home.”

“We need to ensure we make them feel welcome in Vanuatu and in your school as well. games village is not our number one task but it is our number one objective, and of course with your help,” stated Van2017 CEO Clint Flood.

Pacific Games Council CEO hands over Games Flag to Vanuatu Prime Minister

Mr Minogue said the trip was important with less than 6 months now to go before the Games to obtain a first-hand update on progress and to ensure that all Government support is in place.

The Pacific Games Authority confirmed that the remaining funds required by Van2017 will be forwarded to the Organizing Committee in accordance within an agreed to cash flow and under special considerations drafted by the State Law Office.

Five schools in Port Vila to be Games Village for Pacific Mini Games

Preparations are progressing well to accommodate over 2400 athletes and officials coming from 24 countries in the region including New Zealand and Australia.

No budget was allocated specifically for Game Villages, so Van2017 will be using five schools as the games villages.

These schools are Lycee, INTV, Ecole D’Anabrou, Fresh Wota and Central School.

 Although there are five schools, Van2017 is looking at them as only 3 village sites because three schools are in close proximity.

Lycee, INTV and Ecole D’Naburu will be classed as only one village.

Van2017’S Nasi visits Lelepa, Vanuatu UNESCO world heritage sites

After a team introduction, Champions Program coordinator, Wilfred Koran, made a presentation to the Heads of Schools and their Zone Curriculum Advisor on the content of the Champions Program and what the schools will expect if they are being visited by NASI.

During his presentation, Mr. Koran informed teachers that as part of the program and its legacy in schools, teaching materials on environment, custom & culture, health & sports will be produced to assist teachers with their available teaching resources.