New Zealand

Pacifica could make up 11 percent of NZ population by 2038

Statistics New Zealand has released its latest population projections which indicate overall trends.

The Pacific population is expected to make up 11 percent of the total population in 2038 compared with eight percent in 2013.

Much of the population will be based in Auckland and will increase its presence there by three percent to comprise 18 percent of the city's population in 2038.


Native Affairs offers first NZ TV crew report for 50 years

For decades the Indonesian twin provinces of Papua and West Papua have been a no-go zone amid claims of genocide and extreme violence. 

Native Affairs sent a team to the region - the first such NZ crew granted access to the troubled area of Melanesia in a half century.

Reporter Adrian Stevanon has filed an in-depth report on Papua New Guinea's neighbour.

Pacific Media Centre postgraduate researcher on West Papuan affairs Karen Abplanalp, a photojournalist, was also part of the crew.

New Zealand Pasifika stand against suicide

Last Saturday, a suicide prevention Fono, organised by various community health groups, was held in the city, organised in conjunction with several organisations who work for the interests of Pacific youth including the Spirit of Rangatahi Charitable Trust.

While suicide or depression are not topics widely discussed by Pacific families, close to 300 people came together to hear how they could help the young people in the community deal with these issues.

The gathering included Tongan, Tokelaun, Cook Islands, Samoa, Niuean and other members of the community in Porirua.

Climate justice protesters call on Australia to support the Pacific

Twenty seven climate justice activist, mostly women were detained by Police Wednesday for protesting outside the Australian High Commission.

“If Australia and New Zealand really care about the Pacific as a partner, they must stand with us to call for global climate justice at the upcoming COP21 summit in Paris later this year,” said the protesters.

The peaceful demonstration included civil society organizations, women’s groups and students who urged the Australian and New Zealand governments to support the Pacific call at the COP21 summit in Paris, France in November.

Nauru supports Dutton’s ongoing immigration role

Mr Adeang said the Nauru Government has a close and cooperative working relationship with Australian immigration authorities and that Mr Dutton has always been a good friend of Nauru.

“A new minister always breaks continuity in some way, and Mr Dutton has spent considerable time getting to know Nauru, our culture, and many of our people,” he said.

“He understands the progress our Government has made, has many connections here, and is always available when we need to discuss the ongoing partnership.

NZ soldiers help build a new road in PNG

For the past month a 20 strong contingent of New Zealand army engineers and tradespeople has been mentoring PNG soldiers in road building techniques.

The gravel road, from the highlands to the north coast, will link over 100 remote mountain villages, cutting through dense forest and crossing the Bismarck mountain range.

Lieutenant Leroy Judge says the team has been teaching road building techniques, basic maintenance, and safety procedures.

VIDEO: Rugby World Cup - New Zealand and Wales win openers

A final-quarter surge saw New Zealand registering a come from behind 26-16 victory over Argentina at Wembley in Pool C.

Over at the Millennium Stadium, Wales claimed a bonus point as they opened their campaign with an eight-try win over Uruguay in Pool A. Wales won the contest 54-9.


NZ PM dismisses new flag poll

In the TV3 Reid-Research poll - released last night - Kiwis were asked whether they wanted change now that they had seen the final four alternative flag options.

Only 25 percent said yes, while the majority said no.

But PM Key - who has previously voiced his support for the silver fern on the flag - said the question asked was too basic, as there were people who had yet to make up their minds.

He told Morning Report fewer than 50 percent of people want to keep the current flag, and that number was falling.

NZ calls on PNA to respect Pacific leaders

This comes after scathing criticism from the PNA chief executive after the Pacific Island Forum leaders decision to look into the merits of replacing the PNA's Vessel Day Scheme with a New Zealand style quota management system.

New Zealand's Shane Jones says regional leaders want a year given to look into the future of tuna fisheries management in the Pacific and he says the PNA should heed their wishes.

NZDF helps to refurbish Cooks schools, hospitals

The senior national officer, Captain Andrew Blackburn, says the buildings are being refurbished to address potential electrical hazards and ensure they can better withstand cyclones.

Around 40 NZDF engineers, plumbers, carpenters and electricians are working alongside 20 military engineers from China, the United Kingdom and the United States to build a new fuel depot.

The depot will support maritime patrols working to combat illegal fishing in the northern Cooks.