NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi

Police release details on PMV driver’s death

NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi told Loop PNG that the deceased reportedly jumped out of a police vehicle in an attempt to escape detention.

According to police reports, the deceased was picked up after the bus he was driving ran into a power pole at East Boroko.

“The public tried to beat him up so officers picked him up. While on their way to the Boroko Police Station, he jumped out of the cage,” says Turi.

“A security vehicle then picked him up and took him to the hospital, where he died at 5pm yesterday (Dec 14).”

Man with alleged bullet wounds discovered near Baruni

Police allege that the deceased may have been killed somewhere in Port Moresby and dumped in the early hours of the morning in a drain near the road.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi warns that as the festive season approaches, Port Moresby residents must take heed whilst going about their business in the city.

Police have begun investigations to establish reasons behind the man’s death.

(Picture from Voice of PNG FB page)

Brave police officer rewarded with new mobile phone

Constable Anthony Kendang and his colleagues, from the Superintendent Operations Office in Boroko, were responding to an armed robbery at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown Port Moresby on Monday morning.

During the robbery, an armed suspect shot him. Luckily, the bullet missed his heart when it hit his mobile phone and power pack, which was in his pocket at the time of the incident.

The lucky police officer was saved by a mobile phone, which acted as a shield for his heart when the bullet was fired.