Miss Nauru

Miss Nauru visits ADC and hospital kids

The visit to ADC is part of Lucina’s school visit program which she started as her first community engagement during 22-24 February to promote and encourage education.

Miss Nauru was gladly met by the ADC students and teachers who also sang her songs and presented her with a fan, necklace and matching earrings that they made themselves.

Lucina was moved by the singing and learned a few sign greetings from student-turned-teacher Conroy Detabene.

Miss Nauru then presented the school with trays of sweets, popcorn, muffins and cakes.

Crown design competition held for Miss Nauru 2016 pageant

The crown will be handed over for the first time to the winner of the Miss Nauru 2016 pageant and will be used as the perpetual crown for future pageants.


Miss Nauru visits schools and promotes importance of education

On pageant night Lucina was asked the stage question “If you were crowned Miss Nauru, what would be your first community engagement, and why?” She responded that education is the key to a successful future and she would promote the importance and value of it.

“Education opens doors and opportunities to change and shape your future,” she told school children.

The first schools she visited were Nauru Secondary School (NSS) and Yaren Primary School together at NSS on Tuesday 23 February.

School children had the opportunity to take photos with Miss Nauru.

Fundraiser for Miss Nauru pageant

The event was spearheaded by Miss Nauru 2014, Kauai Oppenheimer.

The ladies dinner was held at the Bay last week.

Entertainment was provided by former Miss Nauru contestants.