Home is where learning begins

For Nicanor-Jose Berobero and Kayla Schmid at the ATS barracks outside Port Moresby, early learning at home has enabled them to spell, write and pronounce words very well in preparation for their formal schooling next year.

Their teacher, Diane Kawaneva, said early childhood learning is very important as it prepares them very well to go into formal education.

“Children as young as these absorb information fast and that is why early childhood learning is important,” reiterates Kawaneva.

Survivor reality show scouts describe Kokopo as ‘Perfect’

With its magnificent beaches, turquoise seas and a spectacular active volcano, Kokopo has already stolen the heart of the team.

Survivor is a part competition, part docu-drama, which continues to be the centrepiece of broadcasting schedules around the world and currently airing in more than 50 countries.

It is a much followed TV show among PNG households and will soon be a platform to market PNG to the world.

Kokopo police complete protection training in preparation for APEC

This marked the brief closing ceremony that was held last Friday after a rewarding 2 weeks of training for the Kokopo Royal PNG Constabulary.

“I have been absolutely blown away by the skills that you have brought to this course,” said AFP trainer Inspector Andrew Davies.

The AFP told Loop PNG that the provincial close personal protection training is part of the ongoing PNG-Australia Policing Partnership supported capability development program, in preparation for the APEC 2018.

APEC could attract terrorists’ attention, says Minister

Civil Aviation Minister Davis Steven stated this during the aviation safety and security conference in Kokopo, East New Britain, recently.

Minister Steven says this is a reason for stepping up efforts to ensure aviation operators, airports and passengers are secure, up to 2018 and beyond.

He urged the aviation industry to be educated and kept informed about the trends in aviation security to minimise such risks.

“Aviation security risks remain a constant threat for all countries, including PNG,” he said.