Why parents fear technology is making kids fat, dumb and mean

And the messages about media and tech start almost from the moment they're born: TV will rot your kid's brain! Video games are evil! Kids don't know how to have conversations anymore!

It all boils down to the idea that too much media and tech will ruin your kid -- or make them fat, dumb, and mean.

But obviously that's an oversimplification. The truth is more complicated -- and a lot less scary.

Here we break down the scariest media and tech rumors and give you some solid research and simple, no-stress advice.


Is a vegan diet healthy for kids?

The biggest concern with vegan diets in early childhood is nutritional inadequacy. Parents therefore need to be very well informed otherwise there's a risk of vitamin D, calcium, iron and possibly vitamin B12 deficiency.  

So what are the most important points parents have to remember when feeding their child a plant-based diet?


“Get Into Rugby” Festival to be held in Nauru

There will be a 1-hour session at JAB Oval every day this week from 9am to 10am, to prepare for the competition on Saturday 9th April. Open to all U6, U9, U12 Boys & Girls.

The "HIGHLANDERS" had a great session at JAB Oval yesterday in preparation for the GIR Festival  next Saturday.