iPhone 7

People are actually drilling their IPhone 7 for 3.5mm Jack

AIt’s one and half minute DIY hack to get back the long gone 3.5mm jack on the Apple iPhone 7. We saw the guy plugging earphones into the drilled jack and playing a song. Obviously, the sound was coming from the phone itself.

Here’s why Apple’s decision to kill 3.5mm headphone jack is terrible

Last month, Apple sent the “See you on the 7th” invites and as always, the world went crazy about the launch of the new iPhone which continued Apple’s legacy of making their hardware more proprietary, removing the scope for “open” things to exist in Apple’s ecosystem. It’s true, such things don’t deserve to be there, where people just buy any device flaunting a bitten Apple logo on its back.

Apple's courage: the internet reacts

But in the case of the iPhone 7, what everyone wanted to know was how Apple would justify its widely leaked decision to remove support for normal headphone jacks.

At the San Francisco event, marketing chief Phil Schiller suggested his firm had been motivated by "courage".

But it seems that was an invitation to the net's many cynics and critics to weigh in.

Below are some of the comments posted about the firm ditching the 3.5mm socket and promoting its new Airpod earbuds.



Apple leak reveals 'Edgeless display' new iPhone

That’s the conclusion many are drawing after credible leak after credible leak revealed a device that’s a minimal upgrade on the iPhone 6S. But there might just be a very good reason for this…