Seven celebrities who are (or were) also inventors

According to journalist Chrissy Iley, the James Bond star once said in the 1960s his one wish would be for ice cream company Wall's to produce a choc ice on a stick.

The company apparently sent him a version of his wish, and many years later they went on to launch the Magnum in 1989. The ice cream on a stick is now the world's top-selling ice cream brand.

Disney 'not in the business of scaring kids!'

It’s rare that the company delves too far into how the “magic” - as they call it - works. Their logic is a magic trick doesn’t get better if you know how it’s done.

On Saturday, Disney - quite uncharacteristically - gave us a bit of an insight into how they plan to use technology to bring their much-loved brand of storytelling to new forms, by using robotics and artificial intelligence.

Jon Snoddy, the company's senior Vice President for research and development, explained how soon you’ll be able to interact with story-telling robots at Disney parks.