Five more Covid-19 cases in Guam

There people have died in Guam from coronavirus.

Overnight, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said 41 swabs were tested and five came back positive.

She added that 12 people have recovered from the virus.


US not evacuating Covid-19 stricken ship from Guam despite plea

Reuters reports a letter from Captain Brett Crozier, the commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, called for the removal of over 4,000 sailors from the ship to place them in isolation.

However Mr Esper told CBS News he didn't think it was time to evacuate the carrier.

"We're moving a lot of supplies and assistance, medical assistance, out to the carrier in Guam. We're providing additional medical personnel as they need it."

Mr Esper says the goal is still to contain the virus and none of the crew were seriously ill.

Two more Covid-19 cases in Guam

Guam is one of the few Pacific locations to currently conduct its own testing.

The local Governor's Press Secretary, Krystal Paco-San Agustin, announced the results of the latest batch of samples.

"We have an additional two positive confirmed cases of Covid-19. Guam Public Health Lab tested 20 samples, two returned positve, 18 came back negative.

"That brings our total Covid count to 58 cases of Covid-19 here in island. That includes one death and seven recoveries."

Guam with at least 51 Covid-19 cases

On Friday six people tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the total to 51.

13 of the cases are currently in hospital.

Last week a 68 year old woman became the first Covid-19 death in the region.

There are also at least 36 people from the USS Theodore Roosevelt who have tested positive for Covid-19 which is docked in Guam.

Figures on the military aircraft carrier were not included in the US territory's official count.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt had more than 5,000 people on board.

Guam reports 45 confirmed Covid-19 cases

Lou Leon Guerrero says a total of eight people tested positive on Thursday.

Governor Guerrero says as well as those 45, there are four additional cases from the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

The aircraft carrier has docked in Guam, after reports of sailors testing positive for Covid-19.

There are 5000 sailors onboard, though no one will be allowed to leave the vessel.


Coronavirus cases in Guam surge by 12 overnight

The governor, Lou Leon Guerrero, said the total on the island was now 26.

The government's joint information centre said there was now evidence of community-based spread.

Ms Leon Guerrero said at least two people who had tested positive frequented the Hafa Adai Bingo Hall in Tamuning.

She said anyone who had been there between 6 and 16 of March should self-quarantine.

Yesterday, the US territory saw the Pacific's first Covid-19 related death, a 68-year-old woman.

Guam confirms Pacific's first Covid-19 death

Dr Mike Cruz, the government official leading the coronavirus response, said the woman was a relative of a person who recently returned to the territory with Covid-19.

He said the woman had "multiple co-morbidities", including end-stage renal disease, which compromised her immune system.

Dr Cruz said there are 15 confirmed cases of the virus on Guam, with the government on Sunday morning declaring a major disaster.

Two more coronavirus cases confirmed in Guam

Guam's health department has tested dozens of people since the first cases on the island were confirmed on Sunday night.

Tuesday's cases include a relative of one of those confirmed to have the virus on Sunday, and another person who recently travelled to the Philippines.

All five confirmed cases are in isolation.

Suspected cases

The Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia say they both have one person each under investigation for Covid-19.

Stricter measures introduced in Guam, Cook Islands

Countries around the Pacific are continuing to further isolate themselves in a bid to stave off a rise in the number of Covid-19 cases in the region.

Six cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the Pacific - three in Guam and three in French Polynesia - since Thursday. No new cases were declared on Monday.

After three residents were confirmed to have Covid-19 on Sunday, Guam's government restricted public gatherings and closed all public schools on Monday. It also closed government offices for two weeks.

Covid-19: Three cases confirmed on Guam, emergency declared

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has declared a state of public health emergency in the US territory, which is also a hub for travel in the North Pacific.

"All three confirmed cases are currently in isolation," Ms Guerrero said in a statement.

"Preliminary investigation has indicated that all three had travel connections - two recently travelled to the Philippines and the third had a family member who recently returned from Japan."

The two who travelled from the Philippines were on a United Airlines flight from Manila on 2 March.