Free wi-fi

New London phone boxes to offer free calls and Wi-Fi

The Link kiosks will provide Wi-Fi with speeds of up to 1Gbps to nearby users, free UK landline and mobile calls and phone charging points.

BT said "at least 750" will appear across the capital over the next year, as well as being introduced in other cities.

The service will be funded through advertising on the devices.

A touch-screen tablet on the kiosks will give access to maps, directions and local services while sensors will capture real-time data of the local environment such as pollution levels and air temperature.

Why free Wi-Fi kiosks in NYC can't stop people from watching porn in public

LinkNYC has launched more than 300 stations in New York this year by transforming old payphone booths into digital towers. Each is equipped with USB charging ports, high-speed Wi-Fi access and an Android-powered tablet that anyone can use for free.

But over the past few weeks, there's been an uptick in reports of people using the kiosks to access porn in public -- and even pleasuring themselves while doing so.


Amsterdam birdhouses give free Wi-Fi

But the Dutch capital actually has a surprising pollution problem. The city was given a D+ ranking for air quality by an environmental study last year, thanks in part to its failure to implement a low emissions zone for private vehicles, as other European cities have done.

Now one local designer has a plan to tackle the problem: Joris Lam has designed a series of tree houses that light up and emit free Wi-Fi when air pollution levels fall to a healthy level.

Nauru Secondary School receives 12 new WiMAX units from Digicel

CEO at Digicel, Ben Kealy, said that: “he was extremely happy to support the NSS and hoped that FREE internet access and Wi-Fi would help the students at the NSS develop their education - especially those in Years 11 and 12 who have project works to complete in their final years at the school.