Former Nauru President

Nauru pays tribute to former president Kinza Clodumar

Mr Clodumar is the only Nauruan politician to have been elected to parliament in two different constituencies.

His political career spanned three decades since entering politics as a Member of Parliament for the constituency of Aiwo in the Second Parliament in 1971 and for six consecutive parliaments until 1982; then as a member for Boe from the 12th to 15th Parliament (1995-2004).

In December 1986 Mr Clodumar was the speaker of parliament for a short term; and served as president from February 1997 until June 1998.

Unwell former Nauru president gets passport back

 Sprent Dabwido, who is one of a number of former MPs charged over a protest outside parliament nearly 18 months ago, had his passport seized last August as he was preparing to depart to meet with a cardiologist in Australia.

After a personal appeal to President Baron Waqa Mr Dabwido's passport is being returned. "The Supreme Court finally let me have my passport back," he said.