Donald Trump

Trump, Cruz to hold joint event to blast Iran deal

Trump, the Republican front-runner by far, announced the event during a 45-minute speech in South Carolina. 

Cruz aides said the Texas senator extended the invitation to the billionaire developer ahead of Congress' vote on the accord in mid-September. Cruz's campaign statement said the event is sponsored by Tea Party Patriots, the Center for Security Policy and the Zionist Organization of America. 

The Cruz campaign did not immediately offer other details, including the event date.

Bush, at Mexican border, denounces Trump's immigration plan

The former Florida governor told reporters Trump should read his book, "Immigration Wars," if he wants to learn how to deal with illegal immigration. Earlier, he met privately with local, state and federal officials in this city along the Rio Grande across from Reynosa, Mexico.

Trump has proposed building a massive border fence and kicking out the estimated 11 million people who are in the U.S. illegally before allowing the "good ones" and "talented" ones back in.

Trump, Clinton win 'corn kernel poll'

Promotions producer Kevin Rivers says the poll has been hosted by WHO-TV at the fair for at least a decade, according. Fair goers drop kernels into jars marked with the candidates faces. Fairgoers aged 18 and up can vote once a day for free.

By midday Saturday — the final day of the fair — nearly 50,000 votes had been cast. On the GOP side, businessman Trump led with 12,022 votes. With Democrats, former Secretary of State Clinton led with 8,757 votes.

Heading to the South, Trump says 'silent majority is back'

The New Yorker headed South to Alabama, where interest in the candidate forced organizers to move a planned rally from the Mobile Civic Center, which holds about 2,000 people, to Ladd-Peebles Stadium, a 40,000-seat football stadium. 

The Alabama secretary of state's office said more than 30,000 were expected to attend the event Friday night.

Trump tweeted: "We are going to have a wild time in Alabama tonight! Finally, the silent majority is back!"

VIDEO: Presidential hopeful Trump reports for jury duty

Trump may not have been courting voters, but he was certainly enjoying the attention as he took time to sign autographs, wave to fans and speak to the media as he made his way through the crowds and up the steps of the courthouse.

But once inside, he found himself seated next to ordinary, wage-earning New Yorkers, forced to wait - and wait some more - for the wheels of justice to turn.

From campaign to court: Trump summoned for jury duty in NYC

Trump is due to report for jury duty Monday in lower Manhattan. The Republican front-runner said last week before a rally in New Hampshire that he would willingly take a break from stumping on the campaign trail to answer the summons.

The real estate mogul and reality TV star had been called previously but didn't appear. His campaign said he hadn't received those summonses.

Trump: Deport children of immigrants living illegally in US

He also wants to end "birthright citizenship" for their children, he said Sunday. And he would rescind Obama administration executive orders on immigration and toughen deportation, allowing in only "the good ones."

Trump described his expanded vision of how to secure American borders during a wide-ranging interview Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press," saying that he would push to end the constitutionally protected citizenship rights of children of any family living illegally inside the U.S.

Front-runners Clinton, Trump descend on Iowa State Fair

That's as close as Clinton and Trump's massive entourages came at the state fair, a rite of passage for any presidential candidate. 

The respective Democratic and Republican front-runners each drew large crowds of gawkers as Clinton sampled a pork chop on a stick and Trump gave rides to children on his helicopter emblazoned with his famous last name.

VIDEO: Trump and Jeb Bush on presidential campaign trail

Trump spoke for 50 minutes to more than 2,000 people at a Republican fundraising dinner in Birch Run, Michigan.

It was his first public appearance since the first GOP primary debate and his first appearance as a presidential candidate in Michigan.

Trump battles criticism from rivals, former campaign aide

Even a former Trump campaign aide suggests that the businessman's bid for the White House has become a side show.

Trump's unconventional, insurgent campaign has excited many anti-establishment conservatives while confounding party leaders already facing the prospects of a bruising fight among 17 candidates.