Donald Trump

US election: Hillary Clinton introduces VP as antithesis of Trump

At a rally in Miami, Mrs Clinton reeled off the Virginia senator's career achievements, including his work decades ago as a civil rights lawyer and time spent with missionaries in Central America, to depict him as a man dedicated to social justice.

"Senator Tim Kaine is everything Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not," Mrs Clinton said to a roar of approval from the crowd.

"He is qualified to step into this job and lead on day one," she added, praising his work as governor of the key swing state of Virginia and his record of shepherding it through hard financial times.

US election: Donald Trump promises a 'safer' America

"The crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon come to an end," he said in Cleveland.

Painting a bleak picture of the state of the country, he said his presidency would usher in a new era putting America and ordinary people first.

His speech comes a day after Senator Ted Cruz failed to back him.

The senator, who was his bitter rival during the primary contests, was booed off the stage by Mr Trump's supporters.

Melania Trump's speech plagiarizes parts of Michelle Obama's

Side-by-side comparisons of the transcripts show the text in Trump's address following, nearly to the word, the first lady's own from the first night of the Democratic convention in Denver nearly eight years ago.

The controversy quickly overshadowed the speech. The Trump campaign signed off on the speech, according to sources. A campaign representative did not immediately respond to request for comment.


Here is Trump, on Monday:

Open Letter: Technology Leaders want to kick Donald Trump out of the Presidential race

We are well aware of his ill-minded thoughts expressed over various public platforms in the US. It’s totally unsurprising to hear about the Open Letter – signed by numerous engineers, investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from the technology sector – which is for the removal of Tump from the presidential race.

Donald Trump chooses Mike Pence as his running mate

Mr Trump's campaign planned to announce his selection on Friday, but cancelled the event because of the attack in Nice, France.

Sources close to campaign told ABC News that Mr Pence accepted the offer.

However, Mr Trump told Fox News on Thursday evening: "I haven't made my final, final decision."

Mr Trump hopes Mr Pence can help him appeal to the party's conservatives.

Other candidates reportedly in the running were former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.


Donald Trump soon to name vice presidential running mate

"I will be making the announcement of my Vice Presidential pick on Friday at 11am (Saturday 1:00am AEST) in Manhattan. Details to follow," he announced on Twitter.

Mr Trump had a breakfast meeting on Wednesday with Indiana Governor Mike Pence, and later sat down for talks with former US House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich.

His family met on Tuesday with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who speaks to Mr Trump on a near-daily basis.

Trump family meets Indiana governor Mike Pence as VP talk grows

Mr Trump, the likely nominee, and his children were seen leaving the Pence home in Indianapolis.

The businessman is expected to name his vice-presidential pick this week.

Mr Pence endorsed former candidate Senator Ted Cruz in May but said he would support whoever is the Republican nominee.

Mr Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were seen leaving the mansion.

At a rally in Indiana on Tuesday night, Mr Trump said of Pence: "I don't know whether he's going to be your governor or your vice president, who the hell knows?"

Hillary Clinton emails 'endangered US' - Donald Trump

The FBI's decision not to recommend criminal charges against her is the greatest example yet that the system is rigged, he told a North Carolina rally.

Democrat Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump are their party's likely choices to do battle for the White House in November.

They are expected to be made the official nominees later this month.

FBI Director James Comey said Mrs Clinton had been careless in how she handled sensitive information but there was no case to bring criminal charges because there was no evidence of intent.

Trump deletes tweet after complaints of anti-Semitic imagery

Before deleting the original tweet, which also contained the words "most corrupt candidate ever," the presumptive Republican nominee tweeted the same graphic with a tweak: a circle instead of a six-pointed star, which evokes the Jewish Star of David.

The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment about the decision to use a six-pointed star and whether they were concerned about the potential for the imagery to evoke anti-Semitic undertones.

But the backlash on Twitter was immediate.

Russia 'hacked Democrats data on Trump' says US

The DNC's computer network was infiltrated in a "serious" incident, said chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

A cyber security firm has been hired to help, she said, to "kick out the intruders and secure our network".

Russia has denied any involvement in the hacking.

"I completely rule out a possibility that the [Russian] government or the government bodies have been involved in this," Dmitry Peskov, a Krelim spokesman, told Reuters in Moscow.