Colombian anti-government protesters topple Columbus statue

The figure of the European explorer, after whom Colombia is named, was dragged from its plinth with ropes and vandalised.

The demonstration marked two months since the start of a nationwide protest movement calling for social reform.

Indigenous activists see Columbus as a symbol of colonialism and oppression.

The mayor of Barranquilla said those responsible would be brought to justice.

The Columbus statue is the latest to be pulled from its pedestal as part of the anti-government protests which have been sweeping through the country.

Colombian President backs down on tax reform after protests

Protests - which have led to multiple deaths around the country since they began on Wednesday, continued on Sunday in some cities, despite the announcement.

Duque said on Friday the law would be revised to remove some of its most controversial points - including the leveling of sales tax on utilities and some food - but the government had previously insisted it could not be withdrawn.

Pop stars Shakira and Vives accused of plagiarism

Their hit, La Bicicleta, won last year's Grammy Latino.

Cuban musician Livan Rafael Castellanos claims that Shakira and Vives copied a line and part of the chorus of his 1997 song Yo Te Quiero Tanto.

The complaint was filed at a court in Spain, where Shakira lives.

A spokesman for the court said the case centred around an intellectual property problem and focuses mainly on the melody and the lyrics of the choruses of both songs.