Marvel to discipline X-Men Gold artist

Ardian Syaf, currently the artist for X-Men Gold, has been criticised for including the images.

Marvel fans pointed out that Colossus's shirt contained the words "QS 5:51" and, in another scene with new X-Men leader Kitty Pryde, a building had 212 written on it.

The references go against the company's inclusiveness policies, Marvel said.

It is also removing some artwork from the online edition of the comic.

QS 5:51 is a reference to a verse in the Koran, while 212 marks a protest on 2 December in Jakarta.

Elsa from Frozen was meant to be an evil

That's according to the animated film's producer Peter Del Vecho, who says they completely re-wrote the ending.

"When we started off, Anna and Elsa were not sisters," he toldĀ EW.

"They weren't even royal. So Anna was not a princess. Elsa was a self-proclaimed Snow Queen, but she was a villain and pure evil - much more like the Hans Christian Andersen tale."