Australia woman charged after setting fire in quarantine hotel

It is alleged she lit a fire under a bed in the room she had been sharing with two children on Sunday morning.

More than 160 people were evacuated as fire took hold in the 11-storey Pacific Hotel. No-one was injured.

It came as Australia confirmed two cases of the new coronavirus variant which is prompting new restrictions.

Omicron was first reported by South Africa, and has been classified as "of concern" by the World Health Organization (WHO) with early evidence suggesting a higher re-infection risk.

Snake eats wallaby on Australian golf course

The incident happened on the 17th fairway at Paradise Palms Golf Course in Cairns at the weekend.

The scrub python, Australia's longest snake, often ambushes prey by hiding in trees or long grass.

A course manager said the display did not deter golfers from finishing their rounds.

Robert Willemse, a club member for almost 10 years, said the snake was spotted wrapped around the marsupial in the middle of the fairway.

"Everybody was pretty surprised. It's quite an unusual thing to see," he told the BBC.