Burundi leader to get $530,000 and luxury villa

The draft law, which has been presented to the cabinet for approval, also awards him a lifetime salary.

It also proposes that Mr Nkurunziza be elevated to the title of "supreme leader" when he steps down in May.

Burundi was plunged into a constitutional crisis in 2015 when he successfully ran for a third term.

The move sparked violent protests by opposition supporters which morphed into reprisal attacks.

Last year a UN commission accused the government of human rights abuses, including executions, arbitrary arrests, torture and sexual violence.

Burundi bars UN investigators over report on human rights abuses

The investigators said in a report last month that thousands of people had been tortured, suffered sexual abuse or disappeared during political violence.

They also warned of the danger of genocide from the escalating violence.

The decision comes days after Burundi announced plans to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Burundi: Ex-army chief killed, 2nd military leader targeted

Presidential spokesman Willy Nyamitwe said Saturday that Col. Jean Bikomagu was shot in his car. 

Burundi has been rocked by violence since the April announcement that Nkurunziza would stand for another term. 

Nkurunziza won the elections following turmoil in which about 100 people died in months of street protests against the extension of the president's time in power.