AFL Nauru

AFL Nauru Senior Competition 2017 kicks off

Minister for Sport Tawaki Kam attended the opening and tossed the coin to launch the first game.

AFL Nauru celebrates International Women’s Day

A few of the young women who will be participating in today's match promoted the event in a photo shoot Tuesday.

The match is on at 3pm today (Wed) at Linkbelt Oval.

It's open for all females age from 13yrs upwards.

Just turn up, register your name and have fun. 


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Digicel proudly sponsors AFL Nauru Junior grand final

The grand final will be held tomorrow (Saturday 19).

Digicel Nauru has always been a proud and dedicated sponsor of AFL Nauru and we greatly appreciate all that they have done for us and the organisation.

We would like to thank Digicel Nauru and we hope that we continue to keep our strong connection in the future, Mr Cain said.


Digicel Junior AFL kick’s off

There are three teams in the u/14’s and four teams in the u/16’s. 

Ben Kealy, CEO at Digicel Nauru said: “AFL football has always been the most popular sport here in Nauru as it will bring out the natural talent in the boys.  In addition, it will also draw the attention of the footy fanatics to come out and cheer for their district’s team”. 

Starting off yesterday with a flashback from last years’ footy grand final will be the Mighty Tigers up against the Courageous Panzer. 

AFL Nauru takes delivery of extreme marquee tents

These much awaited for tents arrived in Nauru just in time for the junior competition which started yesterday.

AFL Nauru President Mathew Batsiua couldn’t conceal his excitement when he announced on the AFL Nauru page on Facebook that these tents will be on display at the Linkbelt Oval.

Many thanks to the sponsors DIGICEL NAURU, Nauru Airlines, Capelle & Partner, Bendigo Bank and Australian Aid.

See you all at the oval with team colours and team spirit. 


Bulldogs win AFL Nauru 2016 Grand Final

It was the mighty Bulldogs against the powerful Kangaroos battling it out to see which team will come out victorious in the grand final on the weekend.

Fans from all over the island came along to enjoy the day and cheered for their favourite team but in the end it was the Mighty Bulldogs who took the Premiership Cup 2016 for AFL Nauru.

 Good on ya Dogs!! As for the powerful Roos – Better luck next time!




Round 8 in AFL Nauru completed



BULLDOGS            3.1 4.3   5.5   6. 6. 42

MAGPIES             1.2  3.2  4.3   5. 4. 34


Bulldogs: Aykers Daniel 5, Patrick Agadio

Magpies: Daiga Deireragea 2, Jayco Ageidu, Iverson Star, Estemo Deraudag


Bulldogs: Jose Uepa, Devine Agir, Niga Haulangi, Patrick Agadio, Snuka Adire, Stanley Tsitsi

Magpies: Yoshi Harris, Kazaam Baui, Chris Penani, Mallinson Batsiua, Bagewa Detudamo, Iverson Star


Umpires: Mathew & Jezza