Van2017 signed venues use agreement with MOET

Van2017 Organising Committee working in conjunction with Ministry of Education and Training have secured 5 schools in Port Vila to accommodate the 2,000 plus arriving teams for the tenth Pacific Mini Games in December.

“Surveys show from any athlete in all games, the number one thing to rank is “village”, because it is their island home.”

“We need to ensure we make them feel welcome in Vanuatu and in your school as well. games village is not our number one task but it is our number one objective, and of course with your help,” stated Van2017 CEO Clint Flood.

Last week, Van2017 CEO Clint Flood signed an agreement with the Director General of the Ministry of Education and Training, Jesse Dick, to officially allocate 5 schools in Port Vila who will become “Games Villages” for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

Flood pointed out that Van2017 has great plans in place in terms of preparing the schools to be converted into villages for the games and returning the Schools in a good condition after use.

With the support of the government, the improvements made to school rooms and school facilities will benefit the Vanuatu children and their educational environment.

For schools, the countdown is less than 137 days.

Athletes from all over the Pacific will begin to arrive and schools or games villages have to be 100% ready to receive them. 

This means complete with beds, linen, pillows, keys, rooms cleaned and any other services provided.

“I am confident that each School is taking pride of ownership of your facilities and that you help Van2017 to make schools the Island Home for all Pacific Athletes.  Thanks to the Ministry of Education & Training for your leadership and support towards all the activities that are to be carried out, including being so supporting towards our Legacy Plan through the Champions Program, ‘’ reiterated Flood.

In his response, DG Dick called to Shefa PEOs, school principals, school chairmen to commit themselves on how best schools can assist to provide all the services required, in order to make the games happen and successful.

“This is a national calling. Your care is essential, because an athlete’s success depends also on how he is cared for in his home which is the game village.  I trust all of you to participate in the implementation of all activities under this agreement.”

Present at the signing of this agreement were Shefa Provincial Education Officer, school principals from Lycee LAB, Freswota Bilingual School, Vila Central School, INTV, Anabrou School, including representatives of respective school councils.


In preparation for converting these schools in to a fully functional games village, Van2017 has contracted Kilson's Home Construction who successfully won the tender for the refurbishment of four (4) out of the five (5) Games Villages.

Repair works will commence next month at Centre School in Port Vila