Van2017’S Nasi visits Lelepa, Vanuatu UNESCO world heritage sites

Van2017’s education program – Champions Program – trekked offshore last week with Nasi and representatives of the Ministry of Education & Training, visiting Lelepa Island.

After a team introduction, Champions Program coordinator, Wilfred Koran, made a presentation to the Heads of Schools and their Zone Curriculum Advisor on the content of the Champions Program and what the schools will expect if they are being visited by NASI.

During his presentation, Mr. Koran informed teachers that as part of the program and its legacy in schools, teaching materials on environment, custom & culture, health & sports will be produced to assist teachers with their available teaching resources.

At the end of the session Zone Curriculum Advisor, Jeffrey Kalo, thanked the team for their visit.  “This visit is worthwhile as it provides us with more information and update information on the Pacific Mini Games that will be hosted in Port Vila later this year,” Mr Kalo said.

“As Officer in-charge of principals and on behalf of the teachers, I wish to thank the team for their time. We will look forward to organizing our students to meet the Mascot team and especially with NASI when the team arrives to our schools to give them more information on this historic event.”

The team later met with the children and villagers of Lelepa Island in the village community hall, where the children learned and took part in an environmental chorus “Lukaotem gud envaeromen, no sakem toti olbaot, putum toti lo raet ples” as they were being entertained by NASI.

The message highlighted in the chorus is one of the main themes of the Champions’ Program.

Van2017 Goodwill Ambassador, Vanessa Quai, was also part of the team during this visit.  Miss Quai had the opportunity to share her testimony with the children of Lelepa on how they can also become Champions when they grow up one day.

“As an international artist, I started my career in singing when I was six years old. You can live your dream and make your dream come true if you believe in yourself. Work hard and be faithful in every little thing you do or, in what you are ask to do; like brushing your teeth every day, eating less of sweets to keep your teeth healthy, putting the rubbish in its right place.  Because these little habitual practices that you do each day will help you to build up your character to be the person who you will want to become one day.  One other important thing you must always remember is to put God first in everything you do because it is through Him that you will be a Champion,” stated Miss Quai.

Moving on from meeting the children of Lelepa, Nasi visited the UNESCO World Heritage site.  Van2017 acknowledges the significance of custom preservation and heritage, particularly in regards to cultural sites that have played a key role in shaping Efate’s cultural history. In recognition of the People of Lelepa Island being the keepers of Eretoka (also known as Hat Island) as a World Heritage site, Nasi and team took this opportunity to visit the renowned Chief Roimata cave. Van2017’s visit to the caves was a sign of respect for the integral cultural significance that Chief Roimata played in maintaining peace and harmony amongst the warring clans of Efate.

The Champions Program has departed to Efate’s Shepherd Islands schools as it aims to expand to all other reachable schools throughout the other five Provinces in the country.

Van2017 acknowledges the support and partnership of the Ministry of Education and Training throughout the Champions’ Program.

You can follow Nasi as he continues his journey on Van2017 Facebook page – Vanuatu2017 or Vanuatu2017Nasiviru    or on the Van2017 website