LeBron James reveals his ridiculous no-look 3-pointer

In his 18th season at 36 years old, LeBron James continues to make basketball look laughably easy as he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, on NBA courts.

On Tuesday night, the Lakers make quick and early work of the Houston Rockets, taking a 21-point lead after the first quarter. 

That lead ballooned to 24 with just under eight minutes to play in the second quarter when LeBron decided to channel his inner Stephen Curry with a no-look 3-pointer of the most emphatic variety. 

We've seen Curry, and other players, do this from time to time but, usually, it involves turning and running back on defense as something of a preemptive celebration.

Also, you'll normally see a player glance back at the basket just to make sure the ball actually does go in. LeBron never moved. He let his teammates' reaction provide the confirmation. 

After the game, LeBron revealed the genesis of the shot was actually a bet made from a teammate, Dennis Schroder, who reportedly yelled "Bet a Benjamin on it" as LeBron was about to shoot. This man took the bet damn near mid-shot, then turned around to make the hundred-dollar wager official by looking Schroder in the eye before the freaking ball even went in.