Heat the main issue for All Whites

The former All White Ben Sigmund doesn't expect the current side to have many problems closing out their Oceania World Cup qualifying tie in Honiara today, other than the heat.

The New Zealanders have a 6-1 advantage over the Solomon Islands following their impressive first up display.

Sigmund expects a number of changes to the All Whites side to avoid any unnecessary yellow cards.

The former defender says the heat will be the visitors biggest challenge today.

"I played there two or three times and almost died two of three times because the heat was just unbearable."

"I remember playing and just thinking at half time how am I going to get through the next 45 minutes... it is torturous."

"It's probably more of a mental game than physical because you have to keep telling yourself you're going to get through because it is unbearable."

The game is played in the middle of the afternoon with thunderstorms and a temperature of 29 degrees forecast.

Sigmund says it's disappointing that Chris Wood and Ryan Thomas have been allowed to return to their European clubs as its good for team spirit to have everyone together during a tie.

Sigmund says with them gone and some likely changes, it will be a challenge for the younger players.

"It's done a dusted really, I can't see them losing and so it’s probably a good situation for these young kids to come in when there's not so much pressure, but it is challenging in terms of the heat, the referee, the crowd and the ground."


Photo: PHOTOSPORT Lawson Tama Stadium Honiara