Five schools in Port Vila to be Games Village for Pacific Mini Games

Vanuatu will be over populated from the 4th to 15th December 2017 for the Pacific Mini Games.

Preparations are progressing well to accommodate over 2400 athletes and officials coming from 24 countries in the region including New Zealand and Australia.

No budget was allocated specifically for Game Villages, so Van2017 will be using five schools as the games villages.

These schools are Lycee, INTV, Ecole D’Anabrou, Fresh Wota and Central School.

 Although there are five schools, Van2017 is looking at them as only 3 village sites because three schools are in close proximity.

Lycee, INTV and Ecole D’Naburu will be classed as only one village.

The Athlete’s Village will open on the 30th of November and close on the 17th December.

The Games will run for two weeks, starting from the Opening ceremony, on the 4th and closing ceremony on the 15th December, 2017.

The 24 countries have indicated their participation, including Australia and New Zealand who will be participating in only Weightlifting, Rugby 7’s and half marathon in Athletics.

Based on first numerical entry, PGA is looking at 2400 plus athletes and officials.

The process of entry by number is the first process as per Pacific Games Charter to get an indication from the 24 countries if they are participating.

This also helps Games Organising Committee (GOC) in their preparations and logistics.

The final process of entry is called “Entry by Name” which will formalise the numbers and names of participants both athletes and officials, including their responsibilities.

This final process will be in October.

All PGAs like Vanuatu are working hard to finalise their teams, their travel arrangements to and from Vanuatu.

As part of the preparations of the Games, Heads of Delegation called the Chef de Missions (CdM) will be travelling to Vanuatu for an important meeting called Delegation Registration Meeting (DRM) to confirm their teams and finalised their accommodations with GOC before the rest of the teams arrive in the country.

Games host hotel, Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu, a proud Gold Sponsor will accommodate most of VAN 2017 PGA VIPs. 

Vanuatu will not only host the regional sporting event, but it will also be the Host Nation of PGA Ministers of Sport Meeting on the 3rd of December 2017.

This meeting is held at every Pacific Games. Van2017 and GOC are expecting some PGA visits between May to August. 


Photo by Van2017