38 players to join AFL Nauru Talent Academy

The AFL Nauru Talent Academy has selected 38 men and women football players in the age group of 18-19 years, to join their programme.

AFL hopes the players will be able to access a scholarship pathway to the Gold Coast Suns and Brisbane Lions Academies.

AFL Nauru confirmed that based on skills and fitness including behaviour, attitude and discipline, 11 young women and 27 young men have made the level 3 Nauru Academy Talent Programme.

“The level 3 recipients have shown enough skills and will undergo training here at the Nauru Academy for eight weeks before joining the Gold Coast Talent Academy program.”

“The Nauru Academy Talent programme is an opportunity for the under-19 football players’ men and women to participate in AFL academy programmes in Australia along with other players from the pacific region.”

“The successful level 3 recipients have already been informed and will undergo a signing agreement with Nauru Talent Academy soon.”

The 38 players are scheduled to attend the programme in March for two weeks.

AFL Nauru said, “The Talent Academy programme is a great initiative and opportunity for all youth in Nauru who are engaged in AFL football.”

“It is another avenue for young Nauruan’s to tap into scholarships and sports training programmes abroad that will hopefully give them the opportunity to enter the Australian Football League”