Tourism Fiji encourages heartbroken Wallabies fans to support the pacific

For the first time in 16 years, Fiji will enter the quarterfinals to face England in Marseille. As the competition ramps up, it’s time for Australia to support and celebrate the rich rugby camaraderie that exists between the Wallabies and the Flying Fijia

Wallabies legend and Fijian rugby league representative, Lote Tuqiri, has already jumped on board, announcing he’ll drop the green and gold for the black and white of Fiji. In fact, his nephew will even be taking the field, who is a part of Fiji’s 2023 Rugby World Cup squad.

“I’m proud to see the Flying Fijians step up to the plate as they gear up for the quarter-finals. The team has earned their place in the Rugby World Cup and it’s an honour to stand with a team that embodies the heart of Fiji through unwavering dedication and resilience to the support. Standing behind Fiji to show your support of the Flying Fijian isn’t just about rugby spirit. It embodies Pacific brotherhood and mutual respect that binds us on and off the pitch” Tuqiri said.

Off the field, Fijians welcome Australians with open arms and Australians have long embraced Fiji as a second home, drawn by the allure of pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and the renowned warmth of its people. According to Tourism Fiji data, Australians made up 41% of all visitors to Fiji in August alone this year.

“Australians have always been captivated by Fiji’s radiant sun, pristine beaches, and rich culture. Not to mention their admiration for Fiji’s athletes, especially those donned in gold. So, it’s only natural for Australia to rally behind this promising rugby narrative. After all, in Fiji, joy flows effortlessly, just as rugby does. So, our upcoming quarter-final against England? That’s just the beginning” said chief marketing officer of Tourism Fiji, Srishti Narayan.

“Furthermore, Fiji has the privilege of hosting more Australian vacationers than any other country. It’s our intention to nurture the joy of our Pacific family by merging our passions and supporting a singular team still vying for victory – the Flying Fijians. Australia, we’d be honoured if you joined our ranks.”

Tourism Fiji encourages Australians to wave the Fijian flag high, showing support for the Flying Fijian by snapping or sharing a picture of the Fijian flag, tagging @tourismfiji on Instagram and sharing on social media.