Sonny Bill Williams seeks forgiveness over Instagram copyright 'misunderstanding'

All Blacks midfielder Sonny Bill Williams has apologised to Instagram and the photographer of a photo which was taken down from his account yesterday.

Williams had asked the social media company yesterday why they removed a photo of him and teammate Ofa Tu'ungafasi from the All Blacks' Rugby World Cup Test against the Springboks before it was revealed the photographer's byline had been cropped out.

In the picture, Williams and Tu'ungafasi are making dua - a Muslim prayer of faith.

After discovering the copyright issue and finding the picture's original photographer, Malaysia Rugby's Faiz Azizan, Williams asked for forgiveness in a re-uploaded version of the picture that included accreditation.

"Asalamualiakum brother, please forgive me for the misunderstanding," Williams began.

"I was sent the photo that already had your name cropped out, if I’d known before I posted I would’ve tagged you as you captured a beautiful moment. Instagram apologies also."

Williams added there was a lesson in the experience for him.

"A little bit of Sabr [patience] goes along way."