Moana Pasifika make-up games 'very taxing' on players

Moana Pasifika patron Tuifa'asisina Sir Bryan Williams says the team's gruelling schedule in the Super Rugby Pacific competition has been "very taxing" on the players.

Covid-19 disruptions have led to the postponement of four Moana Pasifika games this season, with the team's last six games coming across a 23-day period to make-up for lost time.

Tuifa'asisina Sir Bryan Williams says it's tested the resilience of players and coaches. 

"They haven't been able to play the same team every game because of the short turnaround, so it's meant that they've been able to blood around about 40 odd players in Super Rugby. 

"That has both benefits and disadvantages because you've got inexperience, but by the same token, able to try players out and to see how they adapt to that level of rugby."

Last weekend's postponed game against the Western Force was supposed to be Moana Pasifika's first game in Australia.

But Tuifa'asisina says the team have a good chance to win their remaining competition games.

"We've gone to Australia with high hopes. I think it's become clear that the Australian teams are not quite as good as the New Zealand teams so far, so that means that we give ourselves a good chance of getting another win or two, perhaps more hopefully.

"But we know that we have challenges that we have to overcome which have been showing up in our earlier games. Some of the aspects of our play do need improvement."

Moana Pasifika will face the Melbourne Rebels tomorrow night at 9.45pm. 


Photo source PMN News  Caption: Moana Pasifika scores against the Blues during a game last month.