Justin Marshall completely writes off Ireland's chances of upsetting All Blacks

Ex-All Black Justin Marshall has whaled into Ireland ahead of their Rugby World Cup quarter-final encounter with New Zealand.

The 46-year-old pundit – who won 81 caps for the All Blacks – slammed Ireland’s playing style and tipped his countrymen to put a big score on Joe Schmidt’s side.

Talking to News hub, Marshall explained: “I’m not convinced they’re as good a side as they have been in the past.”

“They’ve got a little laborious in the way they’ve been attacking. They’re predictable.

“The All Blacks will be up for it and I think we could actually see them put some points on them and win quite comfortably.”

Marshall, who never won a Rugby World Cup, says Ireland have failed to take their chances in the tournament.

“World Cups are about making sure when there are opportunities you grab that moment… and Ireland, historically, have not done that.”

Elsewhere Radio New Zealand‘s Hamish Bidwell wrote off Ireland as “a spoiling team”, adding “playing much actual rugby eludes them.”

“Conditions [will] suit athletes and players with skill and vision. New Zealand has an abundance and Ireland few, if any,” he said.

“Provided the All Blacks get enough quick ball, they’ll win by 10 to 15 points.”

Conversely, Ireland coach Joe Schmidt has largely been praising New Zealand. “The unfortunate thing about any 23 that comes up against the All Blacks is that they can play very well and still not get the result. That’s the quality that the All Blacks have – that’s the athletes that they possess.

“But one of the things is that they have connected up very well. They have had some pretty successful experiences together. There are a number of players within that side who have contributed to a fair bit of history for us.

“Obviously, the first win over the All Blacks, the first time we won at home to the All Blacks, but a few other milestones along the way. A lot of those players that are selected were in Australia last summer, were in South Africa the summer before when we won in Cape Town.

“So the accumulation of those experiences together hopefully builds a bit of confidence – because you need to have some belief. You can’t go out against an All Blacks side and accept that you’re second fiddle. You’ve got to go out and put your best foot forward and we hope that this 23 will be committed to doing that.”