Family unity at unveiling of Jonah Lomu's headstone

The Lomu family stood together for the unveiling of husband and brother Jonah Lomu's headstone.

The rugby legend's wife Nadene, their sons Dhyreille and Brayley were joined by Jonah's brother John during the pre-unveiling ceremony at the Manukau Memorial Gardens on Monday morning.

Alongside close family and friends were a host of invited guests that included Lomu's All Black team mates, Eric Rush and Josh Kronfeld and two men who played a huge part in his life, Phil Kingsley Jones and former chairman of the Hong Kong Rugby Union and former president of the Asia Rugby Union and World Rugby Council member for Asia, Trevor Gregory.

Nadene Lomu and John Lomu held each other in a long embrace before the ceremony.

"I'm happy with the way it all turned out," Nadene Lomu said.

There were tearful moments for she and son Dhyreille during the ceremony but she said they held strong through out.

"There could not be anything big enough for him," she said of the headstone.

"It's the best we can do to reflect the man who was a loving husband and a wonderful father."

She and the family had been through "some times" and she thanked her father for standing by her and her son.

Lomu's brother John was also happy with the headstone and way the unveiling panned out.

Eric Rush said he had to be there for his team mate and friend.

"Got to come to honour the brother one last time. The unveiling of the stone is the last physical thing you can do for someone who has passed away. Now it's just memories and visits to the grave site."

Rush had the small crowd chuckling at the end of his address.

"I dare not sing or else Jonah would get up," he quipped.

A family friend said Jonah Lomu's mother was unable to attend because she was overseas in Fiji.