Vanuatu proud to host Pacific Mini Games

Vanuatu’s Minister of Youth and Sport says his country stands proud to host the 2017 Pacific Mini-games.

“For the past six years we have been preparing for this night and the next 12 days of the games,” Simeon Seule addressed the crowds and leaders during the opening ceremony yesterday.

“We have had challenges that everyone acknowledges but with the people and the Vanuatu Government, firmly supporting the games, we have overcome those challenges and now stand ready to hosts the Pacific and deliver those games for the athletes, spectators and broadcast viewers to the highest standards,” he said.

Mr Seule said “Vanuatu is a young nation but across our Island nations, our roots of heritage and cultures runs deep. Our country is the land of smile of friendly people always wanting to support our Pacific Neighbors.”

“We are grateful for the support of our Pacific Neighbors provided in times of disaster particularly the wake of cyclone Pam. I want to give a special thankyou to Papua New Guinea who helped us at the 2015 Pacific Games in Port Moresby,” he said.

He made a special acknowledgement to the China Government and his people.

“This magnificent stadium and complex will become a legacy for the sports development and a tool for making connection with the Pacific and sports federation in the future,” Mr Seule said.

Humorously expressing, Mr Seule said “finally just a caution of participating nations that Vanuatu is going to keep a lot of medals in this 10th Mini-games.”