Vanuatu Government hands over 23 buses for the Pacific Mini Games

The Vanuatu Government through the Public Service Commission has signed a contract with Van2017 to hand over 23 buses to be used for the 10th Pacific Mini Games.

In a formal ceremony, Van2017 CEO Clint Flood said that transport is a critical component in the organization of the Games.

“I thank the Government of Vanuatu for supporting the Games; it’s been six years that the people of Vanuatu have been waiting for this Games and now time is very short, as we have to go operational next week.   

“After we sign the contract, we are going to move vehicles - you can see we already put decals on them, we’ve paid the insurance on the vehicles, we trained our drivers already; everything is ready to go pending the signing of the contract,” said Flood.

“In everything we do, our duty is to protect the assets of the government of Vanuatu, and this is an expensive gift the Government of China has given. It is our obligation to make sure that we take care of these assets and it is the same thing we are doing with anything else. 

“You have my personal assurance that we will ensure that those vehicles are driven safely and they are maintained in terms of making sure that we don’t return them back in a mess. 

“I spoke to the Chinese Embassy to make sure that their mechanics are on board, so that when we return them on December 22, they should be in the same condition that you gave us. That is my commitment in everything we do in this organization. We represent the people of Vanuatu, and it is important that people are entrusting us to manage these assets properly, and thank you for trusting us.”

On behalf of Vanuatu Government, PSC Chairman Martin Mahe acknowledged the continuous hardworking efforts made by Van2017 to stage the big sporting event. 

“It is a commitment for PSC as well to assist the Games as an authority responsible for the Government fleet,” he said. 

“We pledged our commitment by signing this contract and we entrusted that those vehicles will be under your leadership and your team to make sure that Van2017, on behalf of the country, manages the Games efficiently and effectively to reflect the national pride.”

The 23 buses are allocated solely for athletes’ transportation to and from venues and villages, including two buses for Para athletes.