Pacific Mini Games kick off on a high note

Fiji and Tuvalu kicked off the 10th Pacific Mini Games journey Saturday with the first football match at Port Vila Stadium.

With a crowd fit for the Olympics and spirits high, the rainy weather was not enough to dampen the excitement of players and spectators.

Rain did nothing to slow down the matches as Fiji claimed the first Pacific Mini Games victory after defeating Tuvalu with a score of 8-0.

A 3-0 win in favour of the Solomon Islands against Tonga proved that the games will only get better and more exciting from that point onwards.

Vanuatu vs New Caledonia was the highlight of the day as fans from host country, Vanuatu, filled the stands and around the stadium hoping to get a glimpse of the live action.

Vanuatu did not disappoint as they scored their way into victory with a one point lead against their French rivals with a 2-1 result in favour of Vanuatu.

The win for Vanuatu will hopefully set a winning streak for the team as they fly their national colours with pride and dignity while proving to be good sportsmen on and off the field.