Two women elected in Nauru Parliament election

The new Parliament of Nauru has now been finalised following the election Saturday.

President for the last six years, Baron Waqa has lost his bid to be re-elected to Parliament.

Charmaine Scotty, who was Education Minister in the Waqa-led government and Isabelle Dageago are the two women in the new Parliament.

Waqa contested his Boe constituency with four other candidates in the election on Saturday, 24 August 2019.

Asterio Appi and Martin Hunt were the two candidates elected from Boe.

David Adeang, who was Minister for Finance and Justice, has also been re-elected to parliament.

The other candidates elected are Shadlog Bernicke, Bingham Agir, Rennier Gadabu, Milton Dube, a former president Marcus Stephen, Timothy Ika, Maverick Moe, Pyon Deiye, Khyde Menke, Lionel Aingimea, Tawaki Kami, Wawani Dowiyogo, Reagan Alikalik and Russ Kun.

More than 7000 voters were registered to cast their votes to elect 19 Members of Parliament for a three-year term.

The Government’s Twitter account said Parliament will meet on Tuesday when a new Speaker and President will be elected.

President Waqa remains in his role until then.

The Nauru Government tweeted that President Waqa “has been a wonderful leader for 6 years.”

“His government created stability & prosperity for Nauru & he was a tremendous ambassador internationally for Nauru & the Pacific region. He will be missed,” the tweet read.


Photo Nauru Government Twitter. Caption: Voting in Nauru for the 2019 parliament election