Students join Nauru Police Force Brass Band

Students of Nauru Secondary School will be receiving free musical tuition after they opted to join the national Police Force brass band.

The police force confirmed that students will be able to perform as a member of the NPF brass band at official events.

Nauru Police said, “The Force’s Media called in to check on the progress of our 'sons and daughters' from Class 9:1 NSS who opted to join the Nauru Police Force Brass Band.”

“Support them as they demonstrate the qualities we want to see in our youth: dedication, punctuality, persistence, resilience, team work and discipline. These young people are our future leaders.”

The training will be led by Band Master Inspector Sakiusa Tikotani, assisted by NPF Brass Band members A/Senior Constables Esson Temaki and Runior Reweru.

NPF Band Camp is now in its second week, with students practicing 10am-1pm each week day at the Police Training Centre in Aiwo.

The students are expected to perform with the brass band at the National Independence Day celebration on 31 January.