Second Nauru Resident Magistrate sworn-in

The Nauru Judiciary has welcomed and added a second Resident Magistrate to the court of law after Neil Rupasinghe was sworn-in.

Mr Rupasinghe was officially sworn-in to his post as Resident Magistrate on Friday, 22 April in the presence of the Minister for Justice, Maverick Eoe and Acting Chief Justice Khan.

Mr Rupasinghe is a qualified attorney at law of Sri Lanka and Barrister of Fiji, who possesses a Bachelor of Law Degree and 15 years plus civil & criminal litigation experience at every level of local courts of law & former Magistrate of Fiji.

Additionally, he is skilled in lecturing law for under graduates and fully conversant with the law & functions of the court systems of the commonwealth.

Mr Rupasinghe’s career vision is to be a renowned person in the legal field especially in the dispute resolutions and assistant the society to meet its ambition to ascertain ultimate justice according to well recognized principles and norms as far as possible in a practical manner while achieving personal aspirations and goals of life.

Mr Rupasinghe officially took office after reciting the court oath in the presence of Minister Eoe and Acting Chief Justice Khan last Friday.



Photo supplied Nauru Media News - NTV