Registrations open for Nauru Secondary Scholarship Scheme Examinations

Registration is now open for the Year 8 Republic of Nauru Secondary Scholarship Scheme Examinations.

A statement issued by the government confirmed “The top students will be awarded a scholarship to Queensland, Australia in 2024 to further and complete their secondary studies.”

This initiative aligns with the Nauru National Curriculum.

To be Eligible for the scholarship, a candidate must be:

1. a registered Nauruan Citizen with valid documents;

2. parents/guardians are registered Nauruan Citizens with valid documents;

3. is in Year 8 and under 15 years of age as at 31st December of the scholarship year;

4. has not sat for the Year 8 Scholarship exam in a previous year;

5. meets the attendance criteria of the school he/she enrolled;

6. has parental permission to sit for the Scholarship exam;

7. has shown good conduct and character during the years of secondary schooling;

8. has parental permission to live with EQI registered Home Stay family;

9. has completed the required application form;

10. in Nauru, Brisbane or Suva, Fiji to sit for the Scholarship Exams.

Dates for the Year 8 exam are set for:

Tuesday 3 October - English (9.00am-11.00am)

Wednesday 4 October - Maths (9.00am-11.00am)

Thursday 5 October - Science (9.00am-11.00am)

Friday 6 October - Social Science (9.00am-11.00am)

Registration forms are now available. Parents/Guardians are to register their child’s name at

• Nauru College,

• Sacred Heart College,

• Scholarship Office, Education Department

Closing date for registration is Friday 15 September 5pm Nauru time. (for full details of this Scholarship Scheme, please see the Education Department Scholarship Manager during working hours).