Over 300 children receive Covid vaccination in Nauru

A total of 351 children aged 5-11 years received their vaccine last Saturday, the first day of vaccination for that age group in Nauru.

Vaccination for children is continuing as the country battles with an outbreak in community transmission.

 The Ministry of Health is advising all parents to get their children vaccinated against Covid-19.

 “Get your child vaccinated. There is no harm and there may be benefit to your child if they receive the vaccine and then get Covid soon after.”

“If your child has already been infected with Covid during this outbreak, you can wait until late September for the 1st dose and 2nd dose 3-4 weeks later, before the end of October.”

The public is also advised that all children should receive their 2nd dose 3-4 weeks after the 1st dose.

Nauru has 2392 Covid cases in the community.