NUC replaces old underground cables

Drive along the main ring road in Boe Poe and you will notice a deep trench in the fenced area of the airstrip dug up by Nauru Utilities.

Nauru Media News – NTV reports the 257 metre long 2 metre deep trench was dug with the assistance of Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation and Nauru Emergency Services.

The project worth $100,000 replaces the existing old underground cables that have blown.

The cables date back to the British Phosphate Company era over 40 years ago.

NUC has commenced installing a new high voltage underground electrical cable from the Gabab Channel going under the main ring road to the ring main unit in front of the Boe expatriates cemetery.

Work will continue until Monday with NUC digging a further 205 metre long 2 metre trench from the Gabab Channel to Florro West Store and replace the old damaged cable with the new high voltage cable from the ring main unit at Florro West Store in Aiwo to the ring main unit in Boe.

The project is necessary as it will ensure that NUC is providing a more efficient power supply service to the areas of the Civic Centre, Government Buildings, Boe Poe and Pago including the airport.

To ensure work on this project will continue safely and uninterrupted, Nauru Utilities Corporation is advising the general public that all entrances to common services, boat ramp, restaurants and shops located from the Gabab Channel in Boe and Florro West Store in Aiwo will be momentarily closed for all motorists and pedestrians from Thursday October 7 to Monday October 11 from 8.30am to 8.00pm.

The temporary closure will allow NUC Engineers to construct underground cable trenches and carryout associated upgrading works on power systems.

The travelling public is advised to take heed of and comply with this notice and use either the alternative routes or the detour provided during the course of works when finalizing their travel plans in and around the Districts of Boe and Aiwo.


Photo Nauru Media News NTV