New Nauru Media Department building officially opens

The Nauru Media Department is now operating from a new building.

The complex which was built at a cost of $1.4 million was officially opened on 27 October.

The building was supposed to be opened in 2019 but it was postponed because of construction delays due to Covid-19.

Nauru Media New NTV reports the event was attended by President Lionel Aingimea, Speaker of Parliament, Cabinet and deputy Ministers, the Australian High Commissioner and (ROC) Taiwan Ambassador as well as the Acting Chief Secretary.

in his keynote address, Deputy Minister for Nauru Media, Pyon Deiye highlighted how Radio and Nauru Television will transmit on digital once the equipment are up and running.

Deputy Minister Deiye added that the new building will allow media staff to work in a much safer and cleaner environment.

He thanked former media management for their efforts in spearheading the project from the ground up and contractor Reliable Construction on delivering the project.

The Acting Secretary for Nauru media, Kaelyn Dekarube said media staff will endeavor to do their best in their responsibilities.

President Aingimea cut a ribbon then led guests on a tour of the new building. 


Photo Nauru Media News NTV/Facebook