Nauruan students receive Australian scholarships

Ten Nauruan students have received Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) and Australia Award Pacific Scholarships (AAPS) for 2023.

A statement said “The Australian Government is pleased to offer to Nauruan students nine AAS awards for university study in Australia and one AAPS award for university in the Pacific. Australia Awards recipients”

Their proposed field of study are as follows:


1. Heavenly Kaydz Porte – Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at USP, Fiji


2. Berezina Jacob – Bachelor of Paramedicine at Victoria University

3. Lilien-Grace Jeremiah – Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) at QUT

4. Loki John Limen – Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at QUT

5. Meleana Gemariah Giouba – Bachelor of International Development at University of Adelaide.

6. Enoli Jerusha Tsitsi – Bachelor of Business at Griffith University

7. Damon Iyorab Adeang – Master of Governance and Public Policy at The University of Queensland

8. Justin Togoran – Master of Economics and Public Policy at The University of Queensland

9. Creiden Paul Fritz – Master of Financial Technology at the Griffith University

10. Tyrone Vilmos Deiye – Master of Urban and Regional Planning at The University of Queensland

“Every year, the scholarship program receives a very high number of applications and ten will be selected. These scholarships aim to build skills and develop knowledge that contributes to the sustainable development of Nauru,” the statement said.

Applications for the 2023 Australia Award Scholarships intake will open on 1 February 2023 – 1 May 2023.