Nauru Utility Corp releases water tank ID system

Nauru Utility Corporation has developed and introduced a water tank ID system to improve NUC’s water sales and delivery services.

The system is anticipated to assist not only the corporation’s customers but its water sales and dispatch units immensely and ensure a customer’s water purchased is being delivered in a given timeframe.

Nauru Media News – NTV report s NUC is seeking its water customers’ understanding regarding the system and further encourages them to use their water ID number when purchasing water instead of their names.

A lot of useful information can be derived from the tank’s ID number that include; the tank’s capacity, tank type, tank location, tanker access and so forth to ensure the customer services rendered by NUC are continuously improving, aligned to the NUC Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

In addition, the water tank ID number eliminates many issues that the water dispatch unit has experienced many times such as; delivering water to the wrong customer due to a single house having multiple tank, swiftly identifying the right tanker to use according to water purchased and which tanker to use and right hose length when delivering due to location of and access to the tank.

With the prolonged drought and dry spell continuing, water is in high demand. NUC water production is very high with storage capacity not an issue. The problem is with its distribution and delivery with six of their trucks in operation with an additional six on hire to assist the corporation with the high demand.

Despite the high cost of maintaining its fleet of delivery trucks and hiring other trucks, the corporation is managing to keep its customers satisfied by endeavoring to deliver customers’ water within two days of purchase and addressing emergency requests received during and after working hours.

During this continued dry spell, NUC is seeking its valued customers’ understanding and compliance to a water restriction designed to conserve and control the use of water especially at this time with water demand is high at 1.2M.

The water restrictions will include; non-essential water delivery such as swimming pools, vehicles owners to use a bucket of water to wash their vehicles instead of using the water hose, and growers to sparingly use water when tending to their plants.


Photo Nauru Media News